£1,152,000 Target

We have had wonderful support for our project, and raised over £828,652 in pledges from charitable trusts, foundations and individual donations. With your support we can reach our goal.

Recognition opportunities

Overview of project and costs

The overall estimated cost of the project is £3,803,966. The School has raised £2m by selling land to Duchy Homes, and is in receipt of funds from other local building projects. This will enable us to build the centre, but we want to ensure it’s more than just a school building. We want to deliver a state-of-art Performing Arts Centre. A place that is going to inspire our students and our community is going to love.

We are continuing to raise funds through gifts from trusts, foundations and organisations and hope that our parents, Old Campdonians and community will support our campaign in whatever way they can. Collectively, we can make a big impact.

Here is an overview of the facilities that we can only provide through this campaign:

  • Theatre quality raked seating
  • Enhanced acoustics on walls and ceiling in auditorium
  • Cinema quality projector, screen, sound system and satellite
  • Sliding folding acoustic partition between auditorium and studio
  • LED stage lights
  • Fitting out of dressing rooms/green rooms
  • Modular stage and suspension curtains and scenery
  • Bar/café area in foyer
  • Control room equipment

Project timeline