Why the performing arts matter?

We passionately believe that every student at Chipping Campden School, regardless of ability, deserves the best all-round education possible. Studies show that engaging in performing arts has a positive impact on academic performance, building confidence, improving communication skills and sharpening empathetic abilities.

Sadly, participation in the performing arts is on the decline in the state sector. Here, at Chipping Campden School we recognise the value the arts bring to every day life and the vibrancy they bring to communities.

"Cultural education is integral to the happiness of our children and their families; to the strength of our communities and to the economic progress and international standing of our country."

Darren Henley OBE
Chief Executive, Arts Council England


  • Learning through arts and culture can improve cognitive abilities and attainment in Maths and English.
  • Learning through arts and culture develops skills and behaviour that lead to children doing better in school.

Cultural Learning Alliance, Key Research Findings: the value of cultural learning, 2017

Health and wellbeing

  • Cultural activity can enhance aspiration, ambition, discipline and confidence, which can have a positive impact on attainment.
  • People who take part in the arts are 38% more likely to report good health.
  • ‘The arts make us happier and healthier and are key to supporting young people’s good mental health.’

The Arts, Health & Wellbeing, Cultural Learning Alliance 2018


  • School’s need to teach the four C’s - critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity (Yuval Noah Harari, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century) to meet the challenges of automation and employment. All four skills are hallmarks of a performing arts education.
  • In 2017 the creative industries were worth over £100bn to UK plc. “The creative industries are the fastest growing part of the UK’s economy, and play a significant part in unlocking innovation and growth in other sectors too.’”

Creative Industries Federation