Help us to provide the best facilities possible

We want this new building to look amazing, and every penny donated goes directly to our campaign. Your support will enable us to transform the teaching, learning and performance experience for young people and enrich our community.

Ways to support us

We are incredibly grateful for gifts of all sizes, you can donate any amount either online or offline, as a one-off gift or paid in instalments. For gifts of £50+ we are offering a number of recognition opportunities. Please don’t forget to complete the Gift Aid declaration to increase your gift by 25p for every £1 you give. Please scroll down for more information. Thank you for your support.

  • On the campaign website there will be a list of donors
  • Name a seat in auditorium
  • In the public foyer, we are creating a bespoke oak donor board where your name/logo can appear
  • Outside the building there are large timber pillars, where a plaque will be placed to recognise our ‘community pillars’

Recognition opportunities

Donor list on website

All donations will help to make a difference

Name a seat

A gift of £250 secures a recognition plate on a seat

Oak donor wall

A gift of £1,000 secures a wooden brick on the donor wall featured in the foyer

Community pillar

We will recognise gifts of £10,000+ with a plaque on on the external wooden pillars

Partnership opportunities

We are happy to talk to you about prestigious partnership opportunities

The target

£1.4 million target over
eighteen months

Project timeline