Transforming the learning environment for our students

“Having a real performance arts centre at School will be amazing. It will encourage more students to get involved and boost confidence. It will be wonderful to have a safe space to perform, with all the proper facilities.”
Student, Y9

Transforming the lives of young people

Performances currently take place in the School Main Hall which is poorly ventilated, badly lit and due to its central location, noisy. The stage is a considerable distance from the drama studios and the curtains, acoustics and audio-visual equipment are inadequate. There is no back stage and audiences struggle to see or hear performers. The School is committed to cultivating an ambitious and vibrant learning community that inspires and empowers students to excel in the world we live in. The Performing Arts Centre will have a huge and positive impact across the School. With your support the Centre will provide:

  • A dedicated environment where students can learn about and participate in a wide range of performance opportunities
  • The facility to encourage more students to study performing arts by offering more varied courses - such as ‘A’ level dance, theatre production and theatre technology
  • The ability to advance teaching methods in a modern, integrated and appropriately equipped specialist environment
  • A more comfortable learning space for staff and students to rehearse, practice and perform
  • An experience of the arts in a more professional setting
  • A more ambitious programme of arts productions Storage facilities for instruments and drama equipment
  • A space for large school assemblies, parents’ evenings and awards evenings
  • A quiet space for exams freeing up the main hall and the sports hall More space, easing congestion in the School

"Schools that invest in their arts staff, that timetable arts subjects, partner with cultural organisations and artists, and offer cultural learning activities in after-school hours, are offering a truly outstanding opportunities for their students."
Cultural Learning Alliance - The educational value of the arts