Bringing the best performing arts facilities to Chipping Campden

Why do we need a Performing Arts Centre?

A message from our Campaign Ambassador Edward Bennett

"I visited the School in 2012 to watch a production of Twelfth Night. There was so much talent on the stage, but I felt incredibly sad because I could not hear or see the actors properly. There was a constant noise coming from the School kitchen, and I thought ‘’this just isn’t on,’’ the students and staff deserve better. The drama studios have not changed since I was at the School, but there are hundreds more students. It’s time for change. By building a Performing Arts Centre, with quality facilities, we will encourage and inspire so many young people to gain vital skills that will last a lifetime; confidence, creativity, communication and collaboration. The School has already raised a substantial sum through selling some land. This money covers the cost of the basic build. It will not fund the high-quality resources and equipment required to create an inspirational and flexible space. We can only do this with your help. We want to build a state-of-art centre that will be enjoyed, used and valued by the School and the community for generations. Please give whatever you can. Thank you."

Edward Bennett - Campaign Ambassador and alumnus

There is insufficient teaching space for the size of our School and the most pressing need is to address our outdated performing arts facilities; they are fragmented and not fit for purpose. This need is evident to our students, staff, parents and visitors.

The benefits of building a Performance Arts Centre are manifold. Doing nothing is not an option.

We with your help we can:

  • Deliver the space and facilities students need to thrive and enjoy learning and performing
  • Provide a focal creative hub for Drama, Music, Dance and Art
  • Encourage more students to take part in performing arts
  • Release teaching space for other departments, easing the congestion problem
  • Provide a fantastic new facility for the whole community to enjoy

Campaign video

Watch our compelling video created by two talented sixth formers demonstrating the importance of the performing arts and the need for a creative space.